Gwinnett County News

The news out of Gwinnett County has painted a rosy picture of a community that has its eyes set firmly on the future. this is a community where each and every person seems to be pulling together to make a brighter start to the new year. 2018 seems to be a year that will see this wonderful part of the U.S. become a shining beacon for the rest of the country to follow.

Take for example the latest donation to The Good Samaritan Clinic of Gwinnett. The $20,000 it received from the Jackson EMC is only one example of how the community is coming together to make the lives of those less fortunate better than ever before. Money which will be used to purchase dental equipment is only the tip of the iceberg of generosity that is sure to make this festive season truly one of goodwill.

there’s also a fair share of excitement around the news that after 57 long years of waiting the North Gwinnett Bulldogs will be hosting their first state football championship. After changing venues and holding thumbs the dream has finally come true for these stalwarts of local football.

And for those who want to wrap up warm for that key game – and the dream football watching opportunity for local fans there’s more good news out of the community. In keeping with the actions of larger cities like Atlanta proper the local malls have decided to stretch their opening hours during the festive season. this means that shoppers will experience less congestion and lighter foot traffic during those all important final days when that elusive gift for someone needs to be obtained at a moments notice.

For even more news about what is happening in the area take to the Internet or keep an eye on the local newspapers.